Modulab: Disruption

Friday September 18, 2020 (doors open 20:00)

Disruption of ordinary life or disrups ordinary life….

TICKETS (due to COVID no door sale)

Two musicians each give a musical answer and at the end their common musical vision.

Line up:

Human Motives

Human Motives is an electronic music artist from the Netherlands, exploring patterns of human desire, intention, and growth through modular synthesis and sampling field recordings. Polyrhythmic drums, atmospheric sounds, and touching melodies move from raw and energetic to dreamy and thoughtful.

Max Frimout

Max Frimout is a musician from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, with a background in engineering physics.
His methods for music production include the use of analog modular synthesis, field recording, composing with algorithms, digital processing of acoustical instruments and more.
He performs live textural work and techno sets in an all modular environment.



Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek – Eindhoven

The recordings: